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    • Introducing SGAP Raikuriya (Rai Daal), a pure and natural product that has been manufactured with the highest standards of hygiene.
    • This product follows all FSSAI norms, ensuring that customers can trust the quality and safety of the Rai Kuriya.
    • Also known as Rai daal, Mustard daal, or split mustard, this ingredient is a staple in Indian pickles and adds a delicious and flavorful touch to any dish.
    • Whether you're making a traditional Indian pickle or experimenting with new recipes, SGAP Raikuriya is the perfect choice for adding a burst of authentic flavor to your cooking.
    • Add this essential ingredient to your grocery list and experience the rich and aromatic taste of Rai Kuriya in your favorite dishes.

    Rai Kuriya (Rai Daal)


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